5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You

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 5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You
5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You

I understand that, I have overwhelmed you.


You feel as if you are pulling in all directions.

When you fall in bed at night you wonder where the day went.

You don’t have time for yourself. Often, their last time of energy gives the next person who is in line with the demand of another part of their precious time.

It’s frustrating.

You can’t handle all this tension. You can only ask yourself, will life always be like this?

You know you can’t go on like this anymore.

Something has to change.

Take a look at these five stress management strategies that I use when life becomes chaotic.

1. Say “Yes” a lot

 5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You
5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You

I’ve heard advice before, just say no! Although saying is sometimes not more stressful than saying yes. If you are like me, the idea of ​​saying no to someone can cause all kinds of uncomfortable feelings. Especially when you feel nervous and weak. You don’t want to offend anyone. I don’t want to burn bridges. After all, these people have helped you in the past, so why shouldn’t you give something back? I know the feeling I discovered that during the moments of greatest tension, this helped me to say yes, but at the most.

“Yes, of course, I can appear and help you with [insert my favorite request] but I only have thirty minutes left.”

By saying yes, including the time limit, you keep track of your time. It is not left open to anyone who thinks they have more free time.

2. Do not meditate

It is frustrating to try to sit for fifteen minutes to meditate when your surroundings are annoying and disorganized. I found it helpful to stop meditating completely when life is more stressful than usual. You will find yourself feeding the stress by forcing you to meditate. If not, let it go. Instead, check with your breath and exercise your mind while exercising your daily activities. When you do this for a few minutes, a handful of times throughout the day feels better than sitting during a longer meditation session.

3. Get out of bed before

 5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You
5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You

If you live in a chaotic family, it is not fun to start feeling nervous today. Set the tone for the rest of the day and allows you to feel that you are chasing your tail until bedtime. The solution to this is simple. Instead of waking up at the same time as others, get up early and use the time for yourself. This can be a valuable time for the magazine, write a to-do list or just silently. Your day will begin to feel calm and ready to address your priorities.

4. Start the “time of silence”

If you are like me, you live in a crowded and sometimes noisy environment, consider applying thirty minutes of “quiet time” in your daily routine. Silence can work wonders to reduce stress levels. Research studies have found that exposure and stabilization of introduced sounds significantly increase stress levels.

In our house, we decided, as a family, to remain silent for thirty minutes every night. This does not mean that you should sit there watching yourself strangling a silly laugh. Use time fruitfully. Children can read a book or draw, while adults in their home can simply sit together or read or enjoy a moment with their eyes closed.

5. How to overcome stress: make it helpless!

 5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You
5 Ways to Conquer Stress When Life is Overwhelming You

Time will never stop. The situations in which you find yourself will not last forever. Everything is temporary So stop your frustrations and instead feel and live what you are going through. Instead of being affected by your feelings, stop and take some time to notice. Turn the pressure on the head and use it in your favor. I find that when I have a particularly stressful period and when I accept that I cannot change the circumstances, I do not feel much better. When you accept that you cannot control everything around you, start seeing it from a different perspective. You start to feel different about the situation and this finally leaves you helpless. You can experience adversity without affecting you. But work is needed.

There is no doubt about this, the tension is absorbed.

It is overwhelming and exhausting.

When you run in each direction, it seems that you are, I don’t live.

But you want to change that. And you can

You can end this poisonous episode of chaos and start living the quiet life you want.

Simply select one of the above strategies and use them consistently during the following week and see how you feel. Then add another. Over time, you will begin to notice how you feel and lighter.

But only you can do it.

I turn to you


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